We can't rewind; we've gone too far.
The Shame

Below you will find a few short clips of our beloved hero in action.
The image and sound quality are questionable at best,
but hey, you get what you pay for.
For enough money,
Randy will appear in person to entertain you.
Seems obvious, doesn't it?

Madison, WI, 2007: Pandering to the locals... sort of. The double-edged sword of life in the midwest.

Madison, WI, 2007: Randy Chestnut's favorite herpes commercial. Really.

Madison, WI, 2007: A short bit of improv...

Madison, WI, 2005: The War with Drugs.

Madison, WI, 2005: Puckering the audience's outie-holes and suggesting that there is no future in being white.

Madison, WI, 2005: Proving that post 9/11 American nationalism is antithetical to comedy. And making no friends.

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