What Passes For Debate

Recently, as many of you are aware, radio personality and reactionary right figure Rush Limbaugh was part of a consortium who’s intent was to buy the St. Louis Rams.

Unfortunately for Rush, being a polarizing figure did not help him in his quest to become part-owner of one of the worst teams in football. After much protest and public display, the group intending to bid on the Rams decided that Limbaugh was simply too much of a distraction, and cut him loose.

Let me reiterate the facts to date: Rush Limbaugh was … There’s more of this shit. Click here.

Hooray For White People!

  • Whatever happened to these beloved images from our nation’s youth? Why haven’t we seen advertisements like these on television or in magazines lately?

    I’ll tell you why. Whiners. Politically Correct whiners. Our country was attacked by Middle-Eastern rodents, and there hasn’t been shit for retribution, but put a proud image of noble black people on a box, and everyone goes apeshit. No wonder this country is failing.

    What is it with these crybaby, PC, NAACP, ACLU, BS whiners? It’s all about cashing in. Companies spent millions of … There’s more of this shit. Click here.