Hooray For White People!

  • Whatever happened to these beloved images from our nation’s youth? Why haven’t we seen advertisements like these on television or in magazines lately?

    I’ll tell you why. Whiners. Politically Correct whiners. Our country was attacked by Middle-Eastern rodents, and there hasn’t been shit for retribution, but put a proud image of noble black people on a box, and everyone goes apeshit. No wonder this country is failing.

    What is it with these crybaby, PC, NAACP, ACLU, BS whiners? It’s all about cashing in. Companies spent millions of … There’s more of this shit. Click here.

    Is Our Children Learning? Redux

    Just in case embed doesn’t work with crossposting, click here.

    If you don’t know who Keith Olbermann is, he is the host of MSNBC’s Countdown, and is very ferocious in his tirades against the excesses of the reactionary right. What I find disturbing about this video is not that it lampoons Olbermann or any other thing about it. What I find disturbing is that a video of an actor creating a caricature of a talking head has produced some absolutely unbelievable commentary from our unwashed masses. Particularly sad is their using … There’s more of this shit. Click here.

    Why South Park Is Still Relevant

    If you’ve never seen South Park, you’re missing the only heir to the long-vacated throne of satire. Not since All In The Family and The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour has a show unflinchingly taken on a sleeping public and the completely ludicrous horseshit they allow to pass unchecked.

    If you think South Park is just fart jokes and foulmouthed cartoon (third and)fourth graders, then you are not paying attention. Take the episode, “Christians Are Retarded” for example.

    The main thrust of the episode revolves around new Disney teen music sensations, … There’s more of this shit. Click here.