All This Useless Brooding

I’m still writing, of course. You’d think one kind would naturally dovetail into the other, and if you were me, you would be wrong. I present this as the sort of waste of time I engage in: a fake song (that will most likely never be put to music) about a fake couple (who will mostly likely implode) for a fake band (that isn’t as good as I want them to be) in a story (that has a .01% chance of ever being published). I think I write almost twice as much material about the story as I do inThere’s more of this shit. Click here.

21st Century Styx

I give Green Day their due. Corny, post-punk pop rock they may be, but they stuck their necks out when they didn’t have to. An already successful band with millions of fans and dollars, they released American Idiot, an album that took several serious (if lukewarm) shots at the Bush/Cheney Administration. Mind you, they were sandwiched into an obtuse, silly, and amateurish storyline, but they were there.
Green Day was a band with nothing to gain by taking these shots, and everything to lose. In fact, fans of their earlier material (largely a safe catharsis for the … There’s more of this shit. Click here.

Music For The Masses – Viva La Mp3

A long time ago in a thieving, soulless, bastard’s wet dream, there was the Recording Industry. Specifically, the music recording industry. Musicians, bands, composers, and singers who wanted to make money while doing what they loved would work hard, eat their Flutie Flakes, and pray that some tin-eared talent scout in a cheap suit would spot them. From there, artists would fall all over themselves to sign a draconian contract that virtually guaranteed that if they were unbelievably successful, they might pay the bills, and then (and only then) they might be able to re-sign with the record company for … There’s more of this shit. Click here.