They Have Hotels On Boardwalk And Park Place

The other day, I was presented with a cardstock door hanger of the ugliest color possible: and electric greenish-yellow, like infected Shrek snot. It announced that We Energies, a company based in Milwaukee, was going to cut off our gas for nonpayment.
“Who the fuck is We Energies?” I asked. “We get our gas from SPW&L.”

Upon calling, I found out. We Energies is the sole supplier of gas to our neighborhood. SPW&L doesn’t supply our gas, and never did. I didn’t know this, because the people who lived in our apartment prior to us didn’t … There’s more of this shit. Click here.

I Know Kung-Fu

To do the title proper justice, you must say it aloud with the Keanu-Reeves-vapid-surfer-boy accent.

Many years ago, I studied martial arts, specifically American Kempo (Kenpo) Karate, a style derived from a style derived from the Kenpo Karate style, a synthesis of Chinese, Japanese, and Okinawan martial arts. The style I studied was less a “style” and more a hodgepodge of various martial arts, and though the instruction was superb, I quickly tired of the blended styles. (The place where I studied has since streamlined their approach, breaking off from the “chain” mentality and “belt … There’s more of this shit. Click here.