The Profit Motive

I hear it all too often: “What’s wrong with making money?!?”

Of course, this little bit of misdirection is usually delivered in an angry tone by someone who is oblivious to the nonsensical non sequitur it is. Whenever the argument is made that perhaps those who have benefited greatly from the past 30 years of deregulation, massive decrease in taxation, massive public subsidy, criminal refusal to enforce laws protecting labor, the environment, public interest – you get the idea; you’ll be treated to a rousing chorus of that dogmatic propaganda line so inextricably driven into the public … There’s more of this shit. Click here.

Speaking Of Rampant Stupidity…

More so than any election I can remember, the 2008 Presidential race exhausted the public’s interest in politics. I know I took a break from sifting through the mountains of total horseshit being spewed by both sides (and their shills), even if I kept up with major happenings.

So it was a novelty when I flipped through the talk radio stations, listening to hacks thump their mics with clumsy talking points, until I overhead this next bit on The Thom Hartmann Show:

To be fair to Mr. Hartmann, he wasn’t exactly agreeing with … There’s more of this shit. Click here.