Eat The Poor

So, this piece of idiocy won’t die:


Now, the major problem with this nonsense is the 4th Amendment, which protects citizens from unlawful search and seizure by the government, requiring a warrant and probable cause. Being poor is not a probable cause, so piss-testing the poor is unconstitutional. However, the 4th Amendment does not protect citizens from their private employers, so having to pee in a cup at work is not unconstitutional.

Sadly, a depressing number of people seem to be too stupid to make this very simple distinction, and thus you have abominations of logic like the above image. The worst part is, it’s idiotic even if there were no 4th Amendment, mostly because any law that sets the precedent for piss-testing people who receive government assistance opens a Pandora’s Box of pee and cups for everyone.

In short:

drugtest parents


Test gradeschool

Proponents of drug-testing the poor never think of this, because in their minds, they, Grandma, and their kids are exempt. They don’t do Teh Drugs; icky poor people on welfare do.

Except even that’s not true. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the national drug use rate is 9.2%. That’s 9.2% of the population getting high. According to multiple sources all over the place, the rate among welfare applicants tested falls below 1%.

For those without the advanced mathematical skills of a Kindergartener, 9.2% is more than below 1%. So actually, Grandma, little Susie, and Mom ‘n’ Dad are the ones doing the drugs. Over nine times as much drugs. Bunch of junkies.

When you examine the claims, promises, and rationalizations for drug testing people on welfare, it becomes obvious very quickly that the entire enterprise is nothing more than picking on the poor because they’re poor. Every other rationale fails the meanest scrutiny, and what we’re left with is a convenient scapegoat/distraction in the poor, who don’t have the power to fight back, and have been demonized for pretty much ever.

As usual, the public was spoon-fed a tempting target who represents a minute fraction of an actual problem, and as usual, it worked.

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