Why South Park Is Still Relevant

If you’ve never seen South Park, you’re missing the only heir to the long-vacated throne of satire. Not since All In The Family and The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour has a show unflinchingly taken on a sleeping public and the completely ludicrous horseshit they allow to pass unchecked.

If you think South Park is just fart jokes and foulmouthed cartoon (third and)fourth graders, then you are not paying attention. Take the episode, “Christians Are Retarded” for example.

The main thrust of the episode revolves around new Disney teen music sensations, … There’s more of this shit. Click here.

I Know Kung-Fu

To do the title proper justice, you must say it aloud with the Keanu-Reeves-vapid-surfer-boy accent.

Many years ago, I studied martial arts, specifically American Kempo (Kenpo) Karate, a style derived from a style derived from the Kenpo Karate style, a synthesis of Chinese, Japanese, and Okinawan martial arts. The style I studied was less a “style” and more a hodgepodge of various martial arts, and though the instruction was superb, I quickly tired of the blended styles. (The place where I studied has since streamlined their approach, breaking off from the “chain” mentality and “belt … There’s more of this shit. Click here.

No, Really, I Love You Guys, But…

There are a lot of aspects to comedy that are hidden to the public eye. Chief among them is the subtle dance between comic and booking agency.

For the uninformed: in comedy, “agency” means different things at different levels. At the level of the “development deal” comedian, who is on the cusp of breaking out with a movie or television show, or at any level above, an agent works in the conventional way. That is, they work to make their client the maximum amount of money in order to reap the maximum percentage.
However, for … There’s more of this shit. Click here.