With Apologies To Kate Bush: The Whole Story

Once upon a time, I was healthy and whole. And I’m not talking about the teenage years, when you could be dragging a broken leg behind you, bone sticking out the side, and you’d still want to go clubbing or some lame shit. No, I’d take just being thirty-seven and getting a good night’s sleep. I’d accept the lower back pain, or the diminished athleticism, or whatever the ravages of time threw my way. It would be better than exposing one’s self to western medicine.

One evening like any other, I woke up breathing as if … There’s more of this shit. Click here.

Traveling To The Future With Mr. Potato Head

I suspect that when we reach the point that the “beautiful people” are no longer rare or difficult to obtain, we might start to think that originality counts. Or – and this is gonna sound crazy – but what if this future age of being able to mold your body into any shape you desire leads to a renaissance in thinking? There’s more of this shit. Click here.