Re: Jected

Got another form rejection letter today.

It’s a good thing I’m a comic; rejection is like my oldest friend. In comedy, rejection is visceral and immediate. It come in the form of silence, or uncomfortable huh-huh-ing, or a gasp (usually when your over-the-top joke gets taken a little too seriously – one of the pitfalls of being so good at the deadpan). Sometimes, you’ll get that sweet, stinging slap of a boo. That always makes me smile. Not to sound too full of myself, but the ‘boo’ doesn’t happen to me very often. When I get one, … There’s more of this shit. Click here.

Fly Girl

My wife recently reminded me of an old saying. Of course, she was using it quite literally, as we have had a recent and massive immigration of household pests. And no, I’m not talking about a grade-school sleepover.

However, it reminded me of a conversation I’d had once, when I was yet a bachelor.
The problem with dating while being on the road – particularly as a comic (or musician) – is that 95% of the people that you meet are in their early twenties. Which would be fine if I was also of an age, … There’s more of this shit. Click here.

All The Words Are Gonna Bleed From Me

I know, it’s a blogging no-no to leave gaps this wide between posts. Well, tough shit. And I mean that in the nicest possible way, for all three people who read this (crossposted – not even on the site itself).

It’s not that I haven’t been writing; it’s just that I haven’t been writing here.

My love of the written word, of reading, writing, and of storytelling goes back a long way. Probably because writing is the ultimate way to monopolize the conversation. Blogging (for me) is simply a way to keep flexing that … There’s more of this shit. Click here.

Let The Right One In

When you start out doing comedy, it’s all new material. Every joke, every carefully chosen word, every gesture and inflection – it’s all up for grabs.

When you’ve been at it long enough, you eventually reach the place where you reside onstage. It is your home; it is where you come from. It is the you that gets translated to roomfuls (or less) of strangers, and everything you say and do comes from that place – a unified, single source from which your material flows.

But the jokes themselves don’t always start that way.
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It’s Not Funny

I avoid comedy competitions like they’re the Dave Matthews Band. A long time ago, I was in one. Actually, two. No, this isn’t the beginning of a bitter rant by another self-proclaimed hard-done-by comic who “got the shaft” in a competition he lost.

I won. Technically.

It was after the competition that I was approached by one of the judges who anointed me. In an ill-advised moment of candid disclosure, he told me that the judges had already made up their minds who the winner was before the competition began.
“Sure, once … There’s more of this shit. Click here.