Things Randy Chestnut has done:
•     Voted funniest person in Madison, Wisconsin in 1999
•    Performed in 1999 and 2000 Comedy Central's™ Comics Come Home™ for the benefit of the Chris Farley Foundation
•    Performed in several countries, not that you'd notice
•    Been spotted for nearly 7 seconds in Dan Klein's  Making Revolution

Places Randy Chestnut has been:

•    Chaplin’s Comedy Club - Detroit, MI
•    Comedy Club On State - Madison, WI
•    Comix Cafe - Buffalo, NY (defunct)
•    Comix Cafe - Rochester, NY (defunct)
•    Connxtions - Lansing, MI
•    Connxtions - Toledo, OH
•    Courtney’s Comedy Club - Moorhead, MN
•    Dr. Grins @ The B.O.B. - Grand Rapids, MI
•    Funny Bone - Evansville, IN (defunct)
•    Funny Bone - Fairview Heights, IL
•    Funny Bone - Green Bay, WI (defunct)
•    Funny Bone - South Bend, IN
•    Funny Stop - Cuyahoga Falls, OH
•    Gary Field’s Comedy Club - Battle Creek, MI
•    Giggles Comedy Pub - Germantown, WI
•    Goonies - Rochester, MN
•    Joey’s Comedy Club - Milwaukee, WI (defunct)

•    Jokers - Omaha, NE
•    Laugh Lines - Madison, WI (defunct)
•    Loony Bin - Little Rock, AK
•    Loony Bin - Oklahoma City, OK
•    Loony Bin - Tulsa, OK
•    Loony Bin - Wichita, KS
•    Minnesota Comedy Club - Minneapolis, MN
•    Penguin’s - Cedar Rapids, IA
•    Penguin’s - Davenport, IA
•    Skyline Comedy Cafe - Appleton, WI
•    Jester's Comedy Club- Kansas City, MO (defunct)
•    Wiley’s Comedy Club - Dayton, OH
•    Wisecrackers - Merrillville, IN (defunct)
•    Wit’s End - Westminster, CO
•    Yuk Yuk’s - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
•    Yuk Yuk’s - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
•    Zanies - Chicago, IL
•    Zanies - Vernon Hills, IL
Early blur of Chestnuttiness
Thanks for all the defunct clubs, 30+ years of runaway corporate vampirism! Randy has also appeared in more one-nighters, two-nighters, small towns, private parties, corporate shows, and - well, he's a whore for your comedy love. Enjoy.

People Randy Chestnut has worked with:
Bobby SlaytonFake ad
Bobcat Goldthwait
Dave Chappelle
Emo Philips
Frank Caliendo
Jim Breuer
John Farley
Kevin Farley
Lewis Black
Mitch Hedberg
Sue Murphy
Tim Kazurinsky
Tom Arnold
Victoria Jackson

Point of interest:

If, for some reason, you have it in your head to book Randy Chestnut for a show (or just want to know where he's coming from, comedy-wise), here are a few things you might want to know:
In the parlance of comedy, Randy is known as something of a "club comic." What this means is that he likes to swear more than the Cadillac™ Dealers of South Central Michigan (or any equally "family-oriented" company) might like. He also covers topics that - while common - tend to push the buttons of the more straightlaced crowd. Among these are: homosexuality, politics, religion, and race relations. To be clear, Randy isn't there to judge how you live your life, but he is there to mock you for it. Consider the following, and base a decision on it's merits:

"I don't like to think she kicked me in the balls; I like to think  I teabagged her foot."
                    - Randy Chestnut

"Being an Iraqi and working at a gas station is too ironic. It's like being Vietnamese and naming your kid 'Charlie'. It's just wrong."
                    - Randy Chestnut

"My last relationship wasn't going all that well for a while. For the last year, we were 'swingers'; she just forgot to mention it to me."
                    - Randy Chestnut

"The guy says, 'Why don't you name one great thing you've done with your life that Jesus didn't do?!?'
I said, 'Uh... turn thirty-four?'"
                    - Randy Chestnut

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